Utility Rate Adjustments – October 2017

Friday, September 15, 2017 – 8:00AM

Huntsville Utilities wants to inform customers of an upcoming rate adjustment by TVA and an increase in gas rates.

Following the recent announcement from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), electricity provider for Huntsville Utilities, TVA’s strategic pricing plan will adjust retail rates for all customers beginning October 1st. This will increase monthly invoices valley-wide by an average of 1.5%. Residential customers will notice approximately $1.50 increase to the electric portion of their bill compared to the same period last year. Through the TVA Rate Adjustment Addendum, approved to the Huntsville City Council in March 2011, this adjustment increase is a pass-through from TVA and will not produce any additional margin for Huntsville Utilities.

In August, the Huntsville Utilities Natural Gas & Waterworks Board approved increases to rates and fees for all natural gas rate classes each of the next three years.  These adjustments will go into effect October 1st of each year, beginning in 2017.  The adjusted rates and fees will be published on our website in late September as is the normal practice. All customers will see an increase in their natural gas availability charge, which is based on customer classification. For residential customers, availability charges will increase from the current charge of $5.50 to $7.00 in 2017, $8.50 in 2018, and $10.00 in 2019. Usage fees for residential customers will also increase on October 1st from $8.01 per thousand cubic feet (mcf) to $8.96 per mcf and remain level through October 2019.

Huntsville Utilities is a publicly-owned, not-for-profit utility company providing electric service to over 184,000 customers, water service to over 95,000 customers, and natural gas service to over 53,000 customers in Huntsville and Madison County, Alabama.


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