HU Educational Presentations

HU offers a variety of educational programs for audiences of every age.

Contact Us to inquire about a specific program for your school or organization.

“Safety Squirrel” – Preschool through 3rd grade
“The History of Electricity” – 5th through 7th grade
“Energy Production” – 6th through 9th grade
“Your Utility System” – 9th through college

Civic Group Presentations include:

“Energy Conservation”
“Energy Around the World”
“Green Power”
“The History of Huntsville Utilities”
“Future Energy Sources”

Presentation Overviews

“Safety Squirrel” (Large groups)
Safety Squirrel has seen what can happen when animals come in contact with electric lines, and is driven to prevent these types of accidents from happening in the future. Students are invited to learn about accident prevention and emergency situations. An adventure book is provided and a license to practice safety heroism is issued to those who can recite the safety hero’s motto and pass the safety hero’s test.

“The History of Electricity”
Great minds and a lot of luck were involved in the fascinating story of electricity. This presentation tracks the major steps along the way beginning with the Ancient Greeks around 600 B.C. through Thomas Edison.

“Energy Production”
Visual displays and a handheld generator help students learn about natural gas wells, water purification, and the generation of electricity.

“Your Utility System”
The United States’ system of utilities may be the greatest project accomplished by mankind, and it is still growing. On a daily basis we drive our cars beneath hanging electric wires bristling with energy. We may take a stroll on ground that is only a few feet above pressurized gas and water pipes. If the temperature is cold enough, our very lives may depend on the heat being produced inside our homes and the energy that produces it. To help explain, Huntsville Utilities engineers and other hands-on operations personnel present “Your Utility System.”

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