Where Does HU Supply Electricity?

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Huntsville Utilities provides electric service to all of Madison County and a small portion of Marshall County. We serve approximately 176,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

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Where Does Electricity Come From?

Huntsville Utilities purchases electricity from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for distribution to local customers throughout Madison County. TVA owns and operates one of the largest and most reliable electric systems in North America, serving over 9 million residents in an 80,000 square mile area.  TVA generates electricity at 29 hydroelectric dams and one pumped-storage facility on the Tennessee River system.

To learn more about the Tennessee Valley Authority, click here.

What Does Our Electricity Cost?

Huntsville Utilities is a customer owned not-for-profit Utility. Therefore, Huntsville Utilities’ costs are based on the cost of power (TVA) and the cost to maintain and operate the electric system.

The following are components of total electricity cost:

  • TVA Power Cost – TVA power cost to Huntsville Utilities and all TVA Distributors is adjusted monthly based on fuel costs. The cost also varies depending on the time of year. Huntsville Utilities cost to TVA is directly proportional to energy used by Huntsville Utilities’ customers.
  • System Operation & Reliability – The cost to operate an electric system varies due to inclement weather (tornadoes, ice, lightning, etc.), age of equipment and overall system growth. Weather events can damage poles, wire and equipment and this has to be replaced or repaired. Older equipment is replaced as needed or before it fails to keep the system running. System growth can mean lines need to be upgraded or new lines and/or substations must be built. All of this can require significant capital investments. Investments are good for the continued reliability and growth of the area.

HU Electric System Reliability

The Dispatch Center

  • Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
  • The Dispatch Center monitors the Gas, Water & Electric systems and supports the crews in the field.
  • The Dispatch Center can handle limited customer service inquiries after normal business hours.

Storm Response Procedures

Huntsville Utilities has storm response procedures that are implemented prior to, during, and after any inclement weather activities. Employees are given responsibilities and then trained for specifically storm-related duties. Should a storm event happen, Huntsville Utilities’ three operating departments (Gas, Water & Electric) work together as one group. Other departments assist in a support role to ensure superior customer service is sustained throughout the event with active responses and updates.

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