Buying New Appliances?

Did you know? Appliances account for one-third of the total energy usage in the average home. You can reduce your consumption by following these tips:

What should I look for when replacing appliances?

Energy Guide LabelEvery appliance has two price tags: the purchase price and the operating cost. For the most efficient purchase, look for these items when you shop for new appliances:

  • Appliance life expectancy 
  • The energy guide label

To promote conservation, the Federal Government requires manufacturers of large appliances to display energy information. The ENERGYGUIDE is designed to assist you in deciding what appliance would be less expensive to operate over the lifetime of the appliance.

How can I calculate Energy Consumption?

Operating cost per hour can be estimated if you know:

  1. Wattage of the appliance
  2. Cost of electricity (cost per KWh)

To estimate the number of kWh (units of electricity used in one hour) first determine:

  1. The wattage of the appliance from its nameplate
  2. Apply the following formula:

Wattage/1000 x 1 (hour) = kWh (units of electricity used per hour)

To figure operating cost per hour: kWh (units used) x Cost/KWh=Cost/hour

To determine average cost per kWh from your electric bill:

EXAMPLE: (bill) $69.38 / 750 Cost per KWH = $.0925 per KWh(KWh) or 9.25 cents/hour

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