Utility Board Meeting Dates

Electric Board

The Huntsville Utilities Electric Board meets monthly at the Huntsville Utilities Administrative Building, 112 Spragins Street at 8:30 a.m. unless noted otherwise.

Meeting dates for 2017 are:
Wednesday, January 25 at 1:00PM, agenda / highlights
Thursday, February 23, agenda / highlights
Wednesday, March 22, agenda / highlights
Wednesday, April 19, agenda / highlights
Thursday, May 25, agenda / highlights
Wednesday, June 28, agenda / highlights
Wednesday, July 19, agenda / highlights
Wednesday, August 23, agenda / highlights
Wednesday, September 20, agenda
Wednesday, October 25
Wednesday, November 29
Monday, December 18

Meeting dates for 2016 were:
Wednesday, January 27, agenda
Tuesday, February 23 at 7:30AM, agenda
Wednesday, March 30, agenda
Wednesday, April 27, agenda
Wednesday, May 25, agenda
Thursday, June 23, agenda
Thursday, July 21, agenda
Wednesday, August 24, agenda
Tuesday, August 30, agenda
Wednesday, September 21, agenda
Wednesday, October 26, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, November 29, agenda / highlights
Monday, December 19, agenda / highlights

Natural Gas and Water Works Utility Boards

The Huntsville Utilities Natural Gas and Water Works Utility Boards meet monthly at the Huntsville Utilities Administrative Building, 112 Spragins Street at 8:00 a.m. unless noted otherwise.

Meeting dates for 2017 are:
Tuesday, January 10, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, February 14, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, March 14, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, April 11, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, May 9, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, June 13, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, July 11, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, July 25, at 8AM – work session
Tuesday, August 8, agenda / highlights
Friday, September 15, agenda
Tuesday, October 31
Tuesday, November 28
Tuesday, December 19

Meeting dates for 2016 were:
Tuesday, January 26, agenda
Tuesday, February 9, agenda
Tuesday, March 8, agenda
Tuesday, April 26, agenda
Thursday, May 10, agenda
Tuesday, June 7, agenda
Thursday, July 12, agenda
Tuesday, August 9, agenda
Tuesday, September 13, agenda
Thursday, October 13, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, November 8, agenda / highlights
Tuesday, December 13, agenda / highlights

Joint (Electric, Water & Gas) Board Meeting

2017 Meeting Dates:
Future Joint Board meetings will be listed here if and when they are scheduled.
Friday, February 10 at 10:30AM, agenda
Friday, February 23 at 10:30AM, agenda
Tuesday, August 22 at 8:30AM, agenda

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