Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the HSV Utilities app provide?

This app is designed for residential and commercial customers to manage their account from an Apple iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone. The app includes the capability to view and pay bills, monitor automatic monthly bank draft and view usage history. Any changes made or transactions made from the app will be reflected immediately on your account.

I have multiple accounts. How do I access each account on the app?

If different contract accounts are assigned to your user, you can select the relevant account three different ways:

  1. Immediately after logging on.
  2. Choose the “Options” tab, and then choose “Select a Different Account.”
  3. Choose the “Exit” tab and select the correct account under “Switch Account.”

How can I display detailed information on a bill?

From the View/Pay tab, choose “View PDF BILL.”

I want to pay a bill by check. How should I proceed?

From the View/Pay tab, choose “One Time Bank Draft.” There are NO fees associated with this payment method.

I want to pay a bill by credit/debit card. How should I proceed?

From the View/Pay tab, choose “Pay by Debit/Credit Card,” you will then be redirected to Speed Pay®. A fee will apply.

How can I pay a bill using new bank details?

From the View/Pay tab, choose “Edit Bank Details.” Add required information in the fields and save. Then choose “One Time Bank Draft” from the View/Pay tab. Select the correct bank description under “Select Bank Account” and then continue.

Why is the current amount due for a bill less than the bill amount?

A payment, debit or credit has been made since the last invoice date.

I want to set up automatic monthly bank draft. How do I proceed?

Enter your bank information under “Edit Bank Details” (on the View/Pay tab) if not already entered, then from the View/Pay tab choose “Automatic Monthly Bank Draft,” choose enroll.

How can I stop automatic monthly bank draft?

From the View/Pay tab, choose “Automatic Monthly Bank Draft,” and then choose “Cancel Enrollment.”

How can I change my password?

From the “Options” tab, choose “Change Password,” enter the required information and “Save.”

I am experiencing problems with the HSV Utilities app.

If you are experiencing problems because of internet or mobile internet connectivity issues that cannot be resolved, you may want to contact your wireless provider. If you have questions about the app, please contact customer service at 256-535-1200.

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