2011 Madison County Drinking Water Festival
May 10-11, 2011


Fourth graders and teachers attending the Festival will have the opportunity to participate in three of the following five hands-on activities. These fun, educational activities introduce the students to a variety of environmental concepts.


Watershed in a Box
When water runs over land, it picks up soil and other contaminates and carries them to our lakes and rivers.  Students will use this activity to learn how runoff and non-point source pollution affect them.

Wetland Metaphors
Wetlands are an effective natural filtration system and storm buffer.  Students will learn how wetlands work, how they keep animals safe, and why wetlands are so important.

When pollutants enter our drinking water, filtration and chemical treatments are necessary to make the water safe.  In this activity, students will use different filtering techniques to learn about what types of pollutants can and cannot be removed from the water.

Well in a Cup
An aquifer occurs when groundwater is captured in spaces underground, and a well is how we get this water out of the ground for use.  Students will build a well, find out how wells work, and discover how contamination can occur.

Cave Shrimp
The Alabama Cave Shrimp, like all other creatures, depends on clean water for its survival.  Students in this activity will play a game to see just how human activities affect the rest of the environment.


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