Dig Safely

Underground Line Locations

To request underground line locations,
call toll free (7 am – 5 pm):
811 or 1-800-292-8525 to reach Alabama One Call

After hours, weekends and holidays, call
256-535-1200 or toll free 1-866-HSV-UTIL

Requesting Line Locations

Alabama One Call www.al1call.com is a notification service that sends notification of your intent to excavate to all of its members in the area, including Huntsville Utilities’ Water, Gas, and Electric departments.

The operator taking your call can let you know what companies are being notified.

Keep in mind that not all utility companies are members of Alabama One Call – you may have to call some utilities yourself.

Alabama One Call will issue a locate ticket number – keep this number for future reference.

Utility Responsibilities

Utilities have 2 full business days (excluding holidays) to complete the line locations. However, if locations are not done after this time, it is the excavator’s responsibility to call the appropriate utility or Alabama 1 Call and report that the locations have not been marked.

Huntsville Utilities will only mark lines owned and operated by Huntsville Utilities. Examples of what we will not mark include electric lines running from your house panel to your garage, water lines from your meter into your house, your sprinkler system, and water, gas or electric lines owned by another utility (such as Madison County Water or North Alabama Gas).

Underground utilities will be marked with paint and/or flags according to the color code below:

Excavator Responsibilities

After calling, please allow 2 full business days (excluding holidays) before digging.

Dig with caution within 24” of any marks indicating buried utilities.

Hand dig (with no power tools) within 18″ of any marked facilities.

Use white paint to outline the planned excavation area.

If the area has not been marked when you are ready to dig (after two business days), please call Alabama One Call and ask them to send a second notice. This second notice will be treated as an emergency.

If you have questions about the marks Huntsville Utilities has placed on the ground, call 256-535-1432. DO NOT make assumptions regarding the location of underground utilities!

The locate ticket issued by Alabama One Call is good for 14 days. If you dig after the ticket expires then you are digging without a valid locate ticket. If you are unable to dig before the ticket expires, you need to call Alabama One Call two days before the ticket expires to update the ticket.

Public Awareness

Huntsville Utilities is required by the Public Service commission to communicate the importance of requesting line locations before excavation. This is done by periodic advertising and mailing of a Contractor Notification Letter.

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