Tree Trimming

Huntsville Utilities Tree Trimming (Line Clearance Program)

Trees play a vital role in our community. However, when allowed to grow freely, trees can become a major cause of power interruptions. These interruptions can occur at any time, but become especially prevalent during high winds, ice, and thunderstorms. The Line Clearance program enables Huntsville Utilities to protect the environment, create and maintain exceptional public relations, provide for the public’s safety, and ensure economical and reliable electric utility services that are compliant with proven and innovative industry best practices.

Tree Trimming Guidelines

Huntsville Utilities goal is to provide safe and reliable electric service to our valued customers. Our Line Clearance Program strives to meet this goal. In order to do so, we execute proper clearing and trimming techniques by placing emphasis on “natural trimming” to laterals (side trim, drop crotch, overhang). The lateral branch trimming technique used on our system is a recommended best practice of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Side Trim
Trees growing along the side, into, or toward electric power lines or utility space shall be trimmed.

Trim Drop Crotch
Trees directly under and growing into electric power lines should be removed or trimmed.

Limbs above or outside the boundary of Huntsville Utilities Specifications or the City of Huntsville Tree Ordinance that could break and fall downward shall be removed.


Huntsville Utilities’ Line Clearance Department strives to have an open communication policy with our customers in regard to any tree trimming work on their property.

Door Hangers
A Huntsville Utilities Line Clearance Planner will leave a door hanger which explains the type of tree trimming (line clearance) work needed at the property.

Post Cards
Post cards are sent ahead of the tree crews as a reminder that tree trimming (line clearance) work will begin soon.

Questions regarding tree trimming – please contact our Line Clearance office at (256)535-1224 or

Tree Replacement Vouchers & Stump Grinding

Customers that have trees removed on their property are eligible for:

A one for one tree replacement voucher, up to three (3) trees at participating local nurseries.

Grinding of ALL stumps resulting from street-side tree removal.

Tree replacement/stump grinding applies only to street-side trees removed and does not include trees in a back yard or trees removed as a result of a specific customer request.

Customers will be responsible for the planting of replacement trees.

Customers will be responsible for the disposal of stump grinding debris.

Any problems with the health of replacement trees after planting should be referred to the participating nursery.


The nurseries that accept the Huntsville Utilities tree replacement vouchers are as follows:

Bennett Nurseries – 7002 Memorial Pkwy. (256) 852-6211
Indian Creek – 1124 Slaughter Rd. (256) 722-0385
C.T Garvin – 2215 Holmes Ave. (256) 534-5637
The Greenery – 210 Camp Ground Rd. (256) 518-9836
The Enchanted Forest – 4015 Lawson Ridge Dr. (256) 722-9443
Earth Touch – 8515 Whitesburg Dr. (256) 880-3808
Riverton Nursery – 2927 Winchester Rd. (256) 852-2866
CatBird Seat – 8027 Madison Blvd. (256) 461-7900
Smith’s Nursery – 11470 Hwy 231-431 N. (256) 426-2394

Right Tree Right Place

The main objective of the Line Clearance Program is to ensure that the electric lines are maintained to specifications to reduce the chance of power outages due to trees.

Arbor Foundation Right Treet Right Place



Consider the space available underground for the root system when choosing where to plant your tree. Root systems vary depending on tree species (i.e. Dogwood vs Oak) and can cause issues with underground utilities and sewer lines.



Is there a fee for the tree work scheduled by Huntsville Utilities?
No, Huntsville Utilities will perform all line clearance work at no cost to you.

What do the markings on my tree and brush mean?
A yellow ribbon indicates that the tree is a good removal candidate (GRC). In some instances, even proper trimming can be so severe that the tree should be removed and replaced.

A red “X” indicates that the tree will be removed through a signed acknowledgement from the property owner.

Does Huntsville Utilities have the right to trim my trees?
Yes, Huntsville Utilities has the right to trim trees in order to maintain a proper clearance for system reliability.

Is Huntsville Utilities responsible for keeping my service line cleared?
No, the responsibility of clearing trees from customer service wires (pole-to-house) rests entirely with the customer.

Can I trim my own trees?
Yes, you can trim your own trees as long as they meet Huntsville Utilities line clearance standards.

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