Fast Facts:

  • Meters are read every 28-34 days. (The cycle varies due to weekends and holidays.)
  • Utility invoices are mailed on the business day following the meter read date. The net amount is due approximately 15 days later.
  • Customers who have recently moved into a new service address during the middle of a billing cycle, may receive a partial months bill.
  • Bills are sometimes estimated. This may be for one of the following reasons:
    • The meter reader was unable to access your meter due to locked gate or an unrestrained pet.
    • The meter reader was unable to access your meter due to landscaping obstructions.
    • Abnormally high or low readings
    • Estimated bills are issued based on a calculation of the customer’s previous average consumption.

Huntsville Utilities is a publicly owned, not-for-profit organization. Our billing and collections policies are established to protect the interest of all rate payers. Huntsville Utilities also follows guidelines mandated by a federal court order from the Northern District of Alabama. The court order prohibits Huntsville Utilities from offering special treatment for individuals or groups desiring exceptions from the court-approved procedures.


Huntsville Utilities offers the convenience of electronic billing.  E-Billing eliminates the paper bill and notifies the customer by email each month when their new bill is available for viewing online.

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How to Read Your Bill

Download the interactive PDF to see an explanation of your bill.
How To Read Utility Bill (PDF)

What are Heating & Cooling Degree Days?

HU Smart Consumer Tip: The biggest factor affecting the amount of your utility bill is the outside temperature. It takes more energy to keep our homes cool on hot days and warm throughout the cold seasons.

According to the National Weather Service, the mean temperature for our area is 65 degrees. When the temperatures in our area are above or below the mean of 65 degrees, your home comfort system consumes more energy than normal. Huntsville Utilities reports heating & cooling degree days as a guideline for how much energy your home may be using.

What: Heating & Cooling Degree Days

Where: Appear on your Huntsville Utilities bill each month

What do they mean to me? Do you have a bill that is higher than normal? Check the heating & cooling degree days. If there are a high number of degree days listed, it’s an indicator that our weather caused our homes to use more energy to stay warm or cool throughout the past billing month. While heating/cooling degree days are not used directly in the calculation of your bill, they do serve as a good reminder about weather conditions and how they affect your home’s energy consumption.

How do I calculate a Heating & Cooling degree day?

Record the high and low temperature for a 24 hour period. Example: 80 degrees high; 72 degrees low

Add both numbers together and divide by 2 for a daily average temperature. Example: 80+72=152 152/2 = 76 degrees

Take your result and subtract our area’s mean temperature of 65 degrees. Example: 76 degrees – 65 degrees = 11 degrees

This one day featured 11 heating/cooling degrees, which means your home likely used more energy than normal to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The total number of degree days each month can help you estimate why your bill is higher than an average month.

How to Calculate Your Bill Consumption

How To Calculate Your Residential Electric Bill

Example (1):
Electric Consumption shown on bill is 816.
816 x $0.08875 (example rate for first 1,400 kWh) = $72.42
Customer Charge = $8.88
Total Electric Bill = $81.30

Example (2):
Electric Consumption shown on bill is 4682.
1,400 x $0.08875(rate for first 1,400 kWh) = $124.25
3,282 x $0.09689(rate for over 1,400 kWh) = $317.99
Customer Charge = $8.88
Total Electric Bill = $451.12

How To Calculate Your Residential Water Bill

Water Consumption shown on bill is 5300.
3000 x $.001280 (example rate, first 3,000 gallons) = $3.84
2300 x $.001640 (example rate, next 3,000 gallons) = $3.77
Availability Charge = $7.84
Total Water Bill = $13.95

How To Calculate Your Residential Gas Bill

Gas Consumption shown on bill is 2500.
2500 x $.008710 (example rate) = $21.78
Availability Charge = $4.50
Total Gas Bill = $26.28

Final Notice Example

“Final Notice” information now appears on monthly utility bills. A Final Notice appears at the bottom of the bill, beneath the consumption charges.

Please review this document for further details.
Understanding the Final Notice

Billing & Collections Policies

To avoid interruption of service, prompt payment of all utility invoices, on or before the PAY GROSS AFTER date is required.  Payment or satisfactory payment arrangements must be made before the final notice date printed on the invoice to prevent service from being interrupted or additional fees from being assessed to the account.  Failure to receive an invoice does not exempt the customer from payment. A review procedure is also available to our customers through which problems or disputes may be resolved. Copies of the review procedure are available at the Huntsville Utilities main office.

If customers do not pay or make arrangements to pay a delinquent bill, an identified Huntsville Utilities representative will come to the service address. Payment may be made at this time; however the representative will not accept cash. There is a collection fee for this service which will be added to the next invoice. Note, if the check or payment item collected is returned from any financial institution, a disconnection will be issued the following business day after the return with no prior notice to the customer. The customer will receive a returned check/payment item letter, however there will be no advance notification of disconnection.

If a payment is not  made when the Huntsville Utilities representative visits the service address, Huntsville Utilities is required to interrupt service.

In the event a service is disconnected on the third business day, including the day of disconnection, any remaining services will be turned off. Before services are re-established the customer must reapply for services with another deposit plus pay off any unpaid account charges.

During extreme weather conditions, when the National Weather Service forecasts temperatures below 32 degrees or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, a Huntsville Utilities Representative will come to the service location in an attempt to collect any delinquent charges (a collection fee for this service will be added to the next invoice), however, the customer’s service will not be disconnected for non-payment until weather conditions improve.  Disconnections postponed because of extreme weather will be resumed when weather permits with no further notification provided.

Items presented as payment and returned from your financial institution will be charged a service fee.

Customer Service Fees

Customer Service Fee Summary 2013 

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