I Need Help / I Have a Problem

I don’t understand the services on my bill

Huntsville Utilities serves as a billing agent for the City of Huntsville Garbage/Sewer and the Madison County Garbage/Water Department. If you have any problems or questions regarding these services their offices will need to be contacted:

City of Huntsville Garbage (Public Works Dept.) 256-883-3964

City of Huntsville Sewer (Water Pollution Control) 256-883-3719

Madison County Sanitation 256-532-3718

Madison County Water Department 256-746-2888

I don’t understand the charge on my account

For an explanation of a Huntsville Utilities bill, How To Read Utility Bill.

To learn more about the Customer Service Fees that may appear on your account, view Customer Service Fee Summary 2013 .

I want to request a payment extension

In the event a customer’s account becomes past due, Huntsville Utilities will work with the account holder in an effort to prevent services from being interrupted.

Click here to learn how to request an arrangement.

I have a high bill

Your Huntsville Utilities bill reflects the amount of usage consumed during the prior billing period. Your consumption is driven by several factors. Below are several issues that could be the factor(s) of a High Bill.

  • Seasonal weather changes
  • Varying days in the billing cycle (Billing cycles range from 28-34 days due to weekends & holidays.)
  • Increased consumption due to household activity
  • Faulty appliances
  • Malfunctions of the hot water heater
  • Thermostat settings
  • Previous balance
  • Meter reading error
  • Rate change
  • Concealed/Underground Water Leak
  • Commode Running

What Can I Do?

First, reread the meter. If the reread obtained is higher than the reading on your current invoice, the consumption and charges are correct. Click here for instructions on how to read your meter.

  • If the consumption billed is correct – review the suggested list above for common factors that may have increased your household consumption.
  • If the reread obtained is lower than the most recent reading on your current invoice and/or you feel the meter is not functioning properly – Please complete the form below and attach a digital picture of your meter for an account review.

High Bill Form

I think I have a water issue/leak?

How to use your meter to check for Leaks:

  • Be sure no water is on in the house or building
    • Check the large dial for movement
    • Verify if the low flow indicator is moving (small triangle on the water meter)
  • If either the dial or indicator is turning, its indicating that water is passing through the meter. There may be a possible leak between the meter and the house or inside the house.

Even a small leak can amount to a considerable loss of water and a higher water/sewer bill. Learn how to read and turn meters on/off.

Leaks in Your Yard:

  • Leaks which occur between the water meter and the house are the customer’s responsibility
  • It’s up to the customer to contact a plumber and/or make arrangements to have repairs made as soon as they are detected
  • Leaks which occur on the street side of the meter or between the meter and the water main are the responsibility of Huntsville Utilities. Upon notification, a Huntsville Utilities crew will make necessary repairs

Leaks in Your House:

  • Leaks inside the house are the responsibility of the customer
  • The customer should contact a plumber and/or make arrangements to have repairs made as soon as they are detected

Request a Credit (Due to a concealed/underground Leak)

Adjustment of high sewer water bills may be requested whenever you have a verified underground leak which is repaired and documented evidence of the repair is supplied.

If you discover you have a hidden or underground water leak, you may request an adjustment through Huntsville Utilities for sewer consumption.

Please provide the following information below for an adjustment review:

  • 12-digit Huntsville Utilities Account Number
  • Customer Service Address
  • Exact Date of Repair
  • Description of Leak and Exact Location of Repair

Huntsville Utilities does not make adjustments for leaks associated with fixtures such as commodes, faucets, showers, etc.




To submit documentation for a water leak repair, use the following form:

Water Credit Request

Request a Credit (Due to filling a Swimming Pool)

Huntsville Utilities does not offer adjustments on water and/or sewer due to filling a swimming pool.

Swimming pool adjustments are rendered by the City of Huntsville, Water Pollution Control. Click here for more information.

I need help restoring service after a service interruption

If interruption of service occurs, notification in the form of a door hanger is placed at the service location. To learn how to restore your service, click here.

I’d like to ask a question about my account

For general inquiries regarding your account, use the form below to provide details to the Customer Service Department. We will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days.

General Account Inquiry

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