Electric Temporary Pole/Power

Requirements of Customers Using Huntsville Utilities’ Temporary Poles:

  1. A building permit with house numbers must be obtained from the City of Huntsville Inspection Department or the Madison County Inspection Department (based on the property location)before applying for a temporary pole with Huntsville Utilities.
  2. An executed contract for temporary pole service is required prior to installation. There will need to be one (1) contract per entity, contractor, builder, etc. This signed and dated contract will be kept on file at Huntsville Utilities. We will also accept a list of the people that you authorize to request temporary poles, and these records are maintained in our Commercial & Industrial Department (256)535-1200.
  3. The deposit requirement is $200.00. If the pole is returned to Huntsville Utilities in an acceptable condition, this deposit can be refunded once the final bill and any outstanding fees have been deducted. In addition, there is a one-time set-up fee of $70.00, a connection/installation fee of $115.00 and a monthly pole rental of $30.00. Deposits, service charges, connection/installation fees, and rental fees are subject to change.

To Request Service You May Do One of the Following:

  1. Visit to the Downtown or Chase office of Huntsville Utilities and make a request, in person, sign the necessary documents, pay deposits, and fees.
  2. You may provide Huntsville Utilities with securities that can be maintained on file so that services can be requested by phone or fax. Once you have signed the contract and posted ample securities, you can make your request for service by phone at (256) 535-1200 or fax at (256) 535-1344. The one-time set up fee can be billed to you, and your securities will be used as long as they are adequate. You may provide securities in the form of cash, Irrevocable Letter of Credit or Security Bond.

If you choose to provide securities, please contact our Commercial & Industrial Department to determine the amount of securities necessary for your business. You may complete the Commercial Application Deposit Request online form to initiate the inquiry. You will need to provide us with an approximate number of temporary poles you will need. The amount of your security will be based on $200.00 per temporary pole.

Customers Using Their Own Temporary Poles:

If you choose to use your own temporary pole, we do not require a contract. However, there is a $100.00 deposit, a one-time set-up fee of $70.00 for each account, and a $50.00 connection/installation fee. The City of Huntsville Inspection Department requires that the pole be inspected and may charge an applicable fee to inspect the pole.

Non-Residential construction trailers require a $300.00 deposit. There is also a one-time set-up fee of $70.00 and a $50.00 connection/installation fee.

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