HU Comprehensive Services Program

What Can HU do for your business?

Huntsville Utilities works in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority to provide a Comprehensive Services Program. This program helps businesses to reduce energy consumption and to operate more efficiently. A complete list of the programs offered can be found below. If you need further information or if you would like to take advantage of a specific service, click here to complete a form, and a Key Account Representative from the Commercial and Industrial Division will contact you.

Comprehensive Service Programs

Power Quality

Special metering is provided with a disturbance analyzer and/or recording voltmeter to identify causes of sags, surges, harmonics, flickers, spikes and other voltage fluctuations which may cause problems in your operation.

Special Metering of Electrical Systems

Metering of electrical equipment is provided that will help identify electrical problems or provide consumption data for individual machines or specific areas of your operation. Instrumentation to measure light levels, process heat flow, insulation, air flow, humidity and water flow are available. An analysis of the metered data is provided by our engineers.

Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

Services provided in this area include calculating the required capacity of the units to be installed as well as an economic analysis of various types of systems. Recommendations are made for system and humidity controls and assistance is provided in problem analysis. Duct layouts can be provided. Also, capacity checks are performed for existing equipment.

Lighting Design/Recommendations

Help is provided in planning improvements in all aspects of lighting your facility, whether it involves making recommendations for improving existing conditions or designing lighting for new installations. An improved lighting design for your facility can have a positive effect on safety, security, and productivity.

Wiring Recommendations

Sizing of electrical equipment such as transformers, motors, and emergency generators, as well as, service entrance installation is provided.

Energy Management Surveys

An energy survey of your facilities will identify the areas where your energy is being used and identify opportunities for reducing your energy usage. A comprehensive survey can be conducted or a partial survey can be done looking at only specific problem areas.

Infrared Scanning

Thermographic survey of electric system components to identify out of limit temperatures for customer’s predictive/preventive maintenance program. These services are performed by qualified TVA Power Utilization Engineers in conjunction with Huntsville Utilities.

Power Quality Analysis

  1. Electrical System Troubleshooting
  2. Perform Harmonic Analysis
  3. Monitor for Power Line Disturbances

Special Metering and Testing

  1. Load Profiles
  2. Power Factor Analysis
  3. Billing Analysis
  4. Meter Verification

Energy Assistance

  1. Transformer Sizing
  2. Motor Recommendations
  3. Lighting Recommendations
  4. HVAC
  5. Energy Efficiency Recommendations
  6. Water Heating Analysis
  7. Service Entrance Sizing

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