Billing & Payments

How to Pay Your Bill

Huntsville Utilities makes paying your utility bill simple and convenient.

  • Bank Draft – Automatic Monthly or Web/Phone Draft
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Mail
  • Pay in Person
  • Drop Boxes
  • Convenience Pay by Speedpay

A service fee will be charged for any type remittance returned from any financial institution.

Bill Delivery (e-billing)

Huntsville Utilities offers an easy and convenient way to receive and view your bill online.  e-Billing eliminates the paper bill and notifies the customer by email each month when their new bill is ready for viewing online.

Log in to My Account to enroll.

Collective Billing

Do you manage multiple non-residential utility accounts? Huntsville Utilities can consolidate your billing and due dates into one statement. The Collective Billing Program offers you the convenience of one bill, one due date and one payment to manage multiple utility accounts. Many accounting departments find this service to be an effective tool in managing payables and cash flow.

Collective Billing Qualifications:

  • Available to non-residential accounts
  • Must hold more than one account with Huntsville Utilities
  • Accounts must be in the same billing name
  • Do you have more questions, or would you like to enroll in Collective Billing?

Collective Billing Form

Billing & Collections Policies

Customers are given 15 days from the bill date to submit payment without incurring a late payment charge. A “Final Notice” will be mailed four days after the due date if payment is not received. Items presented as payment and returned from your financial institution will be charged a service fee.

If customers do not pay or make arrangements to pay a delinquent bill, an identified Huntsville Utilities Representative will come to the service address. Payment may be made at this time; however, the Representative will not accept cash. If a payment is not made when the Huntsville Utilities Representative visits the service address, Huntsville Utilities will interrupt service. There is a collection fee and / or disconnect fee for these services which will be added to the next bill. If the check or payment item collected is returned from any financial institution, disconnection will occur the following business day with no prior notice to the customer. The customer will receive a returned check / payment item letter; however, there will be no advance notification of disconnection.

If service is interrupted due to non-payment or a returned item, payment to restore services on the same day must be received by 10:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

In the event a service is disconnected on the 4th business day, including the day of disconnection, any remaining services will be turned off. The security deposit and any accrued interest will be applied to the account balance. Before services are re-established, the customer must reapply for services with another security deposit plus pay any unpaid account charges. If this occurs, the amount of the security deposit required is based on the existing deposit policy.

Failure to receive a bill does not exempt the customer from payment. A review procedure is also available to our customers through which problems or disputes may be resolved. Copies of the review procedure are available at the Huntsville Utilities main office.

During extreme weather conditions, when the National Weather Service forecasts temperatures below 32° or over 100° Fahrenheit, a Huntsville Utilities Representative will come to the service location in an attempt to collect any delinquent charges (a collection fee for this service will be added to the next bill); however, the customer’s service will not be disconnected for non-payment until weather conditions improve. Disconnections postponed because of extreme weather conditions will be resumed when weather permits with no further notification provided.

Items presented as payment and returned from your financial institution will be charged a service fee.

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